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What is this Webdeersign RW Stacks Project all about?

What is this Webdeersign RW Stacks Project all about?

  • 100% SOURCE for a 100% Google Insights Pagespeed
  • CSS Grid full page layout with sidebar
  • "Broken grid" layouts on the product/blog pages.
  • Dark mode/ Light mode configurations
  • TikTok portrait size Video in Grid positions
  • Unique image/video hover effects
  • Additional Poster2 configuration for more complex or larger blog/product pages that require a Poster2 solution that can scale into a large system - perfect for building the very best blog layouts.
  • Additional Poster2 control of hover overlay colours, controlled from the Poster2 Item content.

Ideal for:

Creating an attention grabbing home page
Or Blog, Product or Service web site.
Copying and pasting whole page or individual layouts, into your own designs.

Dark Light Mode Notes:

This page is set to normal light mode and NOT Dark Mode. Whether you have Dark Mode enabled or use a Dark Mode capable browser, you will view this page in Light Mode.

Images are available from Unsplash. Video available from Pexels.

Yet another Google PageSpeed 100 result